5 Responses to Anticipation at the Capitol

  1. Max says:

    What kind of self care are we talking about here, and was it worth it?


    • Nakia Winfield says:

      We all had different types of self-care. Mine was taking vitamins, drinking 100 ounces of water per day, exercising every day, and giving Maia a hug in the morning. As the lege progressed, and we started work 8am- 2:30am, some of those habits fell away.


    • Lola says:

      Smart thkinnig – a clever way of looking at it.


  2. Cassie says:

    Nakia, I really appreciate that you quantified the representation in this entry, so that we could get a sense of perspective (6 times!). And, in general, I’m appreciating the updates! Thanks to you all for this blog.


    • Nakia Winfield says:

      I’m sorry, I didn’t see this comment until now. It was pretty crazy at the lege. I’m glad that what I said was able to help you get a better idea of things. It was pretty daunting at the time.


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