Sine Die, part 2

by Suzanne Pritzker, Assistant Professor and coordinator of the Austin Legislative Internship Program

The Texas Legislature has concluded its work for the 2015 legislative session, and the 2015 GCSW interns are on to the next stage of their social work careers. Some of the interns who have shared their experiences here have graduated and are heading off to careers in diverse areas of social work practice, including direct clinical practice and community organizing. Others have returned to the UH main campus to continue their MSW studies, both in the Macro and Clinical concentrations. If previous Austin Legislative Internship Program alumni are any indication, their experiences as legislative interns in Austin will have a substantial influence on their future careers and their continued desire to ensure that social workers and our clients are represented in the policy process.

We appreciate your interest in reading our blog and hope that the interns’  posts have helped you to learn more about the legislative process and the roles that social workers can play in that process. I have been impressed with the GCSW interns willingness to share both the successes they have experienced and the very real frustrations that can emerge while working in a political environment. Political social work can be challenging, but as the interns describe in many of the posts here, it also can be very rewarding. As Rob, Tara, and others allude to in their posts, legislative change rarely comes quickly, but it can and does happen with the support of committed legislators, staffers, and advocates.

As the Texas Legislature meets every two years, regular posts on this blog will return again as we near the 2017 legislative session. In the meantime, I encourage you to read through the posts here, and feel free to contact me at with any questions or comments about the Austin Legislative Internship Program or our students’ experiences at the Legislature.

About GCSW Legislative Interns

This blog is brought to you courtesy of The Graduate College of Social Work's Austin Legislative Internship Program. The College selects graduate MSW students to intern at the Texas Legislature during its legislative session every two years. Student interns work as full-time staffers in the Legislature, either as policy analysts with the Legislative Study Group, a Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives, or in legislators’ offices. Here, they will share their unique experiences!
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