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Finding empathy in politics

by Kylie McNaught, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group Before we came to the Capitol, we were told, more than once, that we might feel lonely as social work students in a world of political scientists and law students. … Continue reading

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The Perseverance of Policymakers

by Tiffany Teate-Williams, intern in the House Committee on County Affairs As our nation’s administration was in a state of transition, I was revving up for a boxing match and the state legislature was my ring. “Let me at ‘em!” … Continue reading

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Social-working in the Capitol

by Melissa Davila, intern in the office of Representative Jessica Farrar At the beginning of this internship, I had a lot of questions and concerns. I was afraid of the environment I was stepping into, the people I was going … Continue reading

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A Systematically Oppressed Way of Life

by Elsa Mendoza, intern in the office of Senator Sylvia Garcia I thought I understood the definition of systematic oppression well enough to know that I was being affected by it due to my gender or race. Yet, I did … Continue reading

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Navigating a New World

by Fabeain Barkwell, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group As I look back over the time I have spent here in Austin, it seems like it was just yesterday that I was driving down I-35 with a car full … Continue reading

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Economic Justice: Why Social Workers Should Pay Attention to Pensions

by Elizabeth Hann, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group Walking up to the Capitol steps in the morning just never gets old. It feels strange being at the Texas Capitol surrounded by lawyers, aides, clerks, lobbyists, and other important … Continue reading

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