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A Call for #BlackUnity

by Donisha Cotlone, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group Dear Diary, This weekend I attended the Texas Legislative Black Caucus (TXLBC) Luncheon and Gala, parts of the organization’s biennial Summit. It was an amazing feeling being in a room full of … Continue reading

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The Intersectionality of All Things

by Ali Schoon, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group As I reflect on the past month and a half of my experience at the Texas Legislature, interning with the Legislative Study Group (LSG), I feel as if I have been … Continue reading

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Everything’s Bigger In Texas

by Santiago Cirnigliaro, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group Since accepting the offer to participate in the Austin Legislative Internship Program, we have been told over and over again that we will be working with some very important people … Continue reading

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I Found My People

by Eli Davis, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group This is my first legislative session and first blog post ever. I am much more daunted by the former than the latter, which screams volumes, given my avowed phobia of writing. … Continue reading

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Effective Good: An Illusive, Elusive White Whale in the Political Waters

by Sharon Jacob, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group Author’s note: Melville is not my favorite author in the traditional literary canon. Probably because he used far too many wandering metaphors with unnecessarily florid language. The Principle of the … Continue reading

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Drinking Out of a Fire Hydrant: Week One of Appropriations

by Brittany Sharp, intern in the Texas Legislative Study Group First, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I know that you probably have 15 things on your to-do list, and you will probably … Continue reading

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